About the Author

La Bohème, the French’s way of describing one who is artistically sleek, culturally refined.
This blog is a catalogue of my travels across the world; my fervent passion for democracy; all things Icelandic; French fashion, ideas; random musings and the most enjoyed topic, sex.
I live in the UK and am a student at the University of Exeter, alongside being a youth leader who works around Europe participating in non-formal education projects. I call myself “milkshakesandme”, due to my obsession for milkshakes and how they give a better lift than alcohol 😉 nothing else has survived through the ups and downs more than milkshakes. honestly.
This site aims to bring a global perspective to our everyday lives, whilst showing my love for Icelandic values and French behaviourism.
I find this blog an outlet to express many of my innermost emotions and an informal venue to express criticality without resorting to the academic field. I hope that you will find the articles as emotionally engaging as I do whenever I write it.
I am also sociology editor of my University department’s blog and newsletter: http://blogs.exeter.ac.uk/sociologyphilosophyanthropologyundergraduatenews/
The most emotionally engaging form of reading is usually damn hard writing.

25 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. yeah…thank you for the post with the link here…I have been trying the past few days to get here…whenever I clicked on your icon it just sent me to the icon page thingy.


  2. I am a complete sucker for love, convincing myself after a big hurt that I won’t give as much next time – it never works and I give myself completely! Lucky I am like that or I may never have met my fiance who lives in the US (I live in Aus) – what a crazy decision to fly over to meet him that first time but one I am forever grateful that I was struck enough by love to do! I give myself too much in all other aspects of love too though – I love family and friends too much at times that I get hurt quite easily (plus I’m just stupidly sensitive!), and despite all the hurt I’ve received, I just can’t help but give – possibly because I so desperately want to be loved in return? Who knows! Well, maybe someone more educated in psychology than me 😉


    1. its brilliant that distance was no factor in your love for the one so special. i got hurt aplenty as well, but whats most important is to open our hearts to those who truly treasure us and never stop loving bravely =)


    1. Aww Katie! And I must say that your original blog’s background colour (green if I’ve not mistaken), was the one that caught my eye most.
      Along with your quirkiness, your writings and life bring about great feelings of joyfulness and a will to be happy =)


  3. What a great write-up!! Thank you for liking and commenting on our blog post!! We are looking forward to reading your posts as well!! :)…and yes you’re right…we’ve glorified that Icelandic lamb so much that it’s almost like guilty pleasure to make a stew out of them!!


  4. Hi Jase, just wanted to say thank you for liking some of my posts at RocketNews24! I recently started writing for them so it’s always nice to know that people are enjoying the site. And I do agree with you about the “siesta of life”. Now if I could only take some of my own advice! Happy life and happy blogging 😀


    1. Hey Megumi, thank you so much for dropping by. keep up the good work, you and the team! I really enjoy the quirky stuff that gets on your website! I’m looking forward to more fun stuff posted on your website! (and hopefully I could conjour something up on my own blog as well) 😛


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