Day 12: hard

The continuation of this series of posts to challenging oneself and writing about misinterpreted emotions, personalities and foolish beliefs in social relationships is inspired by

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A paper smile and frown swept over me

Brittle and flappy as always

Cracks and marks appear, will they break?


Don’t be so hard on yourself

Let it go

There’s a reason we’re all biodegradeable

We generate it all again

We feel it in our bones

Seething chill from the false

Jumbled up your thoughts, like your brain cells put through a wash

What can you do when they isolate you

When only the third party thinks you’re cool

And the closest thinks you’re false

They think you’re hard as rock, unmovable

Maybe I’m hard as a mountain, only with icing on the top

They make you feel like guilt, like the accidental tablecloth that landed on the floor, making you floored

We get crawled and hiked on

Stepped, trampled

But we’re still timeless and unmovable

Can’t help to say

I’m just too good for you

Because I’m as one with the most powerful thing in the world

Unlike you


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