Moonly confessions: Eternally weird

So I finally set out to write one of these posts again. I will painstakingly remind readers what my series “Moonly Confessions” mean. Simply, in my life, weirder things have happened, especially when the full moon’s out. At times, it might be a cautious and silent reminder to me about little stuff in life. But more often than not, it has always oddly enough, turned up during a significant moment in my life without me realising it.

Evidence you say? The moon has appeared during most of my romantic journeys, showing up at good and bad moments. This time, its showing up at a bad moment (or it wants me to think that way). More often than not, a bad moment turns out to be more of a reminder and lesson which translates into a positive experience in the future (like when I was mopping by the river under the huge moon in my first relationship [the former only kidding]).

Other moments the moon has served as a laughing reminder for myself. When it appeared on the day I held my first theatre performance, I think to this day it continually tries to remind me to travel the world, be surrounded by international, progressive friends and obviously, the embarrassment of public speaking (not!).

In other good moments, I have encountered ecstasy, enjoyed some unforgettable moments by a river, achieved some of my greatest feats while shrouded in cold.

I do not know what it is constantly telling me, but I think I might have a partial answer – a character building exercise, to prepare me for the future, for the upcoming dialogues with troubled humankind. To constantly remind myself daily the importance of shaping the lives of my friends for the better, but also to appreciate the daily routines – such as the fine bread I manage to get from France everyday!

Remember, it’s not the big moments in life that counts, but the small ones that make the most difference everyday in shaping our lives.

Thanks moon friend x


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