In a world where you can be anything, never run away

It is with great irony that as I introduce someone else to get a blog and express themselves on it, I find myself in a turmoil to vent all the vile out on mine while keeping true to my original content. Well, I suppose mixture is good, just like drinking true liqueur and ending up in the bin later that night.

As you accumulate experience in yourself (good or bad), you start to realize what you want. 69 or vitamin B1. You narrow down the options. I have grown to know what I do not like in life, which simultaneously narrows down what I actually like. It would be quite naive to say I like everything, because that would be like me saying I like all the food in the world (when clearly some are shit as hell).


My bestest of friends pour out their energies to be a people’s person. They rouse people around them, surrounding themselves with positive energies. They have never, ever put themselves in front of the mirror or wasted time losing themselves within themselves. They were always out and about, with a heart of gold, never concerning themselves about what others thought of them. In a world of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, their infectious nature triumphs the extrovert and narcissistic propaganda proposed by these platforms.

And to attract me, you have to be hot as hell to give your lives to others. Cause I find that pretty hot, that selflessness without care of one’s own looks or reputation. There are greater things in life than your face or profile photo.


That energy, that sole characteristic that defines a person and we know what they’re about. As this article shows, there is a form of happiness when one pursues their passions and attain deep satisfaction from them. This is one of the key characteristics I see in people. When it does not exist in someone, the fire dies and I am quite perceptive to notice how your liking for hamburgers has disappeared suddenly.

This is a key trait I see in people, because without it, the person’s like a flimsy old towel – devoid of life.


You take me for granted, you get what you deserve. Showering someone with concern is an everyday effort, second by second, minute by minute. A conscious one that has to be so integrated in your life to make it unconsciously caring. You know that friend who beat you up at the ice-cream van after you stood for them in line? That’s the twat.

I believe in daily, even seconds in giving my all to people. Well, not everyone reciprocates and they just take you for granted all the time. They forget promises, they forget your tolerance, they forget you. Well, these people can f*** off. Whether you’re a racist fiscal exploiter who is more concerned about how markets will boom to take advantage of new oil found in Africa, or a friend who takes advantage of your existence everyday while bailing on you when you need it most, you kill me every second.

Because the only thing I will exploit will be when you look away from the table and I can grab the pieces of sushi you have.

And after reading all that, you will notice that I did not mention a single thing I admire about looks. Because if you care more about your eyes, muscles, boobs and Instagram, I care more about the lasting legacy of those who deserve care the most. I’m Mr 100, because I may not have the looks, I may have smaller eyes, I may not have blonde hair, but my energy for selfless people will never disappear.


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