Goodbye 2016!

Well as 2016 comes to a close, here I come for my annual end-of-year blog post. I do apologise for not blogging for the past couple of months. This clearly tells you how dreadful my life and the year has been! I think it has been arguably one of the worst years of my life. Just continued stressed and emotional bull. Now before I get into a rant, let us take off (or seek closure)…


Spending New Year’s on a bus. But hey, on the back of a hike to Scotland’s tallest mountain, I think that’s pretty worth it. Also bid goodbye to (possibly) my final hike to the world’s famous cheese, cheddar. Sorry, Cheddar Gorge.

Attended my first Liverpool game! YNWA


Boozy bowling, meeting up with an old friend, those eyes in the club. Oh the weird emotions.


Global Exe – till next time, I gave and it may have been small, but at least it stood for the very genuine thing Brexit sought to destroy.

My final lecture for my undergraduate. Some good some bad teaching, overall, excellence always shone through.


Why hello, at least I made it to an interview. Gives me hope that I will still be heard in the future.


Awarded the Exeter Leaders’ Award. Sat my final academic examination (I can say with confidence).

Redoing the first ever Out of Doors Society hike (some 60 years later!)

I lay in my seat, disbelieving what was unraveling in the pub. Complete despair.


Work, work, work, work. Swimming with a mermaid, banter over dinners.

Brexit. Wow. Did you want to lose selling your baked beans to 27 other countries?


France hates me, the landlord lies, oh romance always ends.

Graduation and work work work. The only shinning point was a birthday that felt more like me in the Bahamas.


Work? Uh, work? And the UK actually likes me for my money (except that I don’t have any).


Fight fight fight fight fight. Oh f*** off. Hi Warwick, it’s been a while.


Givers should set limits because takers rarely do.

Oh hello tallest mountain in Wales (and the most touristy mountain I’ve seen yet). Might I remind you a train to the summit is like getting someone else to do your homework for you.


Well, guess I have sorted my life for March 2017.

Will this person play the most decisive role so far in my career and where I go?


Star Wars premiere. Again!

Hello group activities and lovely house. Ciao Roma.

Let’s see if 2017 will get any worse. Else my blog posts might become an emo teenager’s paradise.


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