Nomination for One Lovely Blog Award + Inspiring Blog Award







After “serving time” the other day, it was of the most pleasant surprise to discover this site being nominated for both the One Lovely Blog Award and the Inspiring Blog Award!

You gotta rationalize these steps and follow ’em upon nomination!

  1. Arigatou~ to those who have nominated you, and link back to their blogs!
  2. Stamp the award image on your site!
  3. List down seVen randoms that your readers do not yet know about you! (and to think privacy issues are quite a hot discussion now!)
  4. Nominate seVen others for this award!

Were the awards crafted by a Japanese? Since seven is quite the lucky charm in Japan… or is it universal? Hmmm…

I’ll like to give a shout out to Mickey @ Mickey Says Hello, for her nomination of the former award. She has a real show of solidarity in her life and as a new blogger herself, I’m sure the skies universe’s the limit for her imagination and writings!

And to Katie @ Irish Katie, for her witty, quirky and wacky outlook of life! Thank you for the latter’s nomination and congratulations to yourself as well!

Well, the seVen randoms appear to be a test of your memory, as I appear to always be suffering from STM (Short Term Memory) syndrome…

  1. I define “gender” based on its sociological definition (go Google it). Hence I almost always adopt a feminine personality.
  2. Hopeless at anything masculine. That includes repairing fans, spoilt mechanical products etc. Repairman where are you? :((
  3. Favourite band’s Westlife.
  4. Do not have a Facebook account [yet]
  5. Enjoy people watching
  6. Attends church at times but doesn’t subscribe to any of its views.
  7. Detests anyone who constantly uses their mobile while having a meal. How can it be that I, or your 7 course meal be any less attractive than your phone? Argh!

Phew! That was quite exhausting! And for my Inspiring Blog nomination…. *drum rolls*

  1. Irish Katie – Great writer and show of strength for her motherhood. The name of her blog’s pretty neat too!
  2. Mickey Says Hello – Burning flames of youth and love, brilliant!
  3. Curly Miri – For her love of food, stories of recovery, and love itself
  4. Orchid – For her wonderful cultural trips around Japan, particularly her spirit and touching journey up Fuji-San
  5. Wallancee – Staying true to her beliefs, not conforming when society’s forces seem to be almost irresistible. An individualist with a consciousness that respects how plural society is =)
  6. Ayako Mathies – The food and exclusive places she travels around the world, insightful and inspiring!
  7. myinnermissmelly – Her down to earth opinions, challenging one’s thoughts, keeps your brain active when your fingers seemingly are the only ones that are!

There you have it. No this wasn’t the Oscars, they weren’t putting up a self that disguised their paparazzi lives.

But they were the ones, and all those that I haven’t mentioned, quietly inspiring others, pushing forward like the falcon, taking on the world with nakedness and a courage to love the world for its indifference.

You all have truly been inspiring =)

No award can stitch the wounds,

But, from their hearts and thoughts

I know. Stronger, will I become

Left brokenhearted, but worth it

Because the greatest award would be to love someone deeply and with compassion once again

I love, you. =)


7 thoughts on “Nomination for One Lovely Blog Award + Inspiring Blog Award

  1. You deserved both of those awards nod nods. *smiles*. Yah you!!!

    And likes reading the 7 things about you. Though I think I knew 2 or 3 of them about you already.

    I hope your weekend has gone well.


  2. Thank you for the nomination, it means a lot! I must say I agree with you about people using their phones in social situations – my rule is, if you wouldn’t pull out a crossword and start working on it in a particular situation, you can also not pull out your phone! Simple! 🙂


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