You were my friend for a season

I'd like to think that to find out who your closest friends are, you could always use the idea of a wedding. Big wedding, small wedding, whatever. What makes it easier with supposedly "the most" wonderful moments of our lives is that a wedding normally has a sense of 'priorities' or 'hierarchies', depending on how… Continue reading You were my friend for a season


I was thrown out of class thanks to Duolingo

For those of you who know and not know, the past five months gone by I have not used any formal education programme to learn Dutch. I have relied solely on the Duolingo language gamming programme to get my vocabulary up to speed and also the grammar (which is the most painful part of the… Continue reading I was thrown out of class thanks to Duolingo

Strike me like you’re my meteorite

This marks a year since I went meteor gazing in the Swiss Alps. I saw 14 meteors flash across the sky, including one I managed to capture with my amateur photography skills. - I sat in the cold. In this Swiss cottage. I was broken, needing to find my recovery. The cold, clean air permeated… Continue reading Strike me like you’re my meteorite

My One Night Stand – Only Better, and Longer

You came into my life, that very evening, checked out my room and your newest mate. I brought you out that evening, and it wasn't for what you're thinking. We had a couple of drinks, and we talked nerdy about our lives. We were in the same situation, looking for our elusive target. I sensed… Continue reading My One Night Stand – Only Better, and Longer


Our bodies have become icons on Instagram. Our faces, our chest hair, our tummies have all been commercialized and objectified in a very shamming manner. One day I bet you Face-ID would even be able to tell my nipples apart from another guy's. I therefore think it's important to tear down barriers and truly embrace… Continue reading #nudeisnormal